Recommended Google I/O 2017 viewing

Google I/O 2017 is over. Like previous years, all the sessions have been published on Youtube.
I'd recommend watching all the sessions if you can, located at this link: http://bit.ly/2rnbGTO

Not sure where to start? Here are some of sessions I attended and found worth recommending..

Android Meets TensorFlow: How to Accelerate Your App with AI   http://bit.ly/2rW5LC8
Why:  Good intro to ML, operationalizing for small devices (sorting cucumbers, pruning trees) and just entertaining ! Don't miss the cultural ed at the end.

From Research to Production with TensorFlow Serving http://bit.ly/2r1zWHM
Why: Operationalising Machine learning. 

Past, Present and Future of AI / Machine Learning  http://bit.ly/2qUQdjp
Why: insightful and latest thinking from thought leaders in AI.

Effective TensorFlow for Non-Experts http://bit.ly/2s16fGl
Why: Good intro to ML and TensorFlow

Single Codebase, Two Apps with Flutter and Firebase http://bit.ly/2rn3HpR
Why: How to give a tech presentation and demo. Creative storytelling. Entertaining. Anything with Flutter.io is worth watching anyway - but I'm biased.... 

Applying Built-in Hacks of Conversation to Your Voice UI  http://bit.ly/2qUwnEU
Why: Thought provoking - a must for anyone with an interest in UX or building any application or service. If you watch you will realise that a lot of systems you interact with have been designed by people who want to punish you.

Bringing the Google Assistant to Any Device http://bit.ly/2r1I0Z2
Why: IoT use case

Supercharging Firebase Apps with Machine Learning and Cloud Functions http://bit.ly/2r1Sgkm
Why: What modern application development looks like

Introduction to Kotlin http://bit.ly/2qUrgVm
Why: If you write Java, you should look at Kotlin. 

Open Source TensorFlow Models . http://bit.ly/2r33NBX
Why: It's Entertaining - using AI in arts, image and audio. Well .. it can't all be about work right?

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